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Torque (this wiki) uses software that runs Wikipedia, which means:

  • it is easy to learn and understand (if you have used Wikipedia, you can use this)
  • it works on all operating systems (browsers/phones/ipads/tablets)
  • it is openly licensed, portable and maintainable by many vendors, which continues to add to the overall knowledge base of the software

Explore, Read, and Find Proposals

  • Start by looking at the left hand navigation bar. Click the links "All Proposals" to get a feeling for what's there.
  • Each proposal has a dedicated page, which includes a 90 second introductory video. There are also pages that host lists and collections of proposals according to their rank, topic, location, population served, or other criteria on the Lists and Collections page. Note that memoranda of understanding and PDFs of the original application are accessible via the Snapshot box on the right side of each page.
  • Try searching for a topic using the search box in the upper right hand corner of each page.
  • Watch videos and playlists linked from the Lists and Collections page.

Favorite, Comment, Select, and Print Proposals

  • You can select your favorite proposals by clicking on the pink heart icon in the upper right of each proposal page. A list of proposals you have favorited in this way will be accessible via the "Your Favorites" menu item on the left hand navigation bar, and will only be visible to you.
  • We encourage you to comment on proposals as you read them, using the comments box on each proposal page. Comments are consolidated on a single page accessible via the lefthand menu item "Recent Comments."
  • Print proposals by selecting print; assemble multiple proposals into a single PDF, or book, using the book creator option (this is visible when viewing proposals).

Get Help Now, Suggest New Features for Later

  • Get help by emailing Regina Shoykhet <> and Jeff Ubois <>. Please be sure to copy us both.