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How to reset your Lever for Change competition wiki password

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  1. In the Sign In dialog window, enter your MacFound ID/email address (1) and click Need help signing in? (2):

  2. Click Forgot password?:

  3. Enter your MacFound ID in the Email or Username field (1) and then select the communication method for resetting your password, SMS or Email (2). As the dialog window states, SMS can only be used if a mobile number has already been configured in your profile:

  4. Most users will reset via Email and will be presented with an Email sent! dialog window. Click the Back to Sign in button:

  5. Check your e-mail for a message from Okta titled Account password reset (sent from Click the Reset Password button:

  6. Return to your web browser where you'll be presented with an Answer Forgotten Password Challenge dialog window (1). Submit the answer to the question and click the Reset Password button (2):

  7. Observing the stringent password requirements, type in a New Password (1), repeat the password and then click the Reset Password button (2):

  8. To log in, return to Step 3 of How to login to Lever for Change competition wikis.