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There are now only seven Torque User Groups. The matrix below explains the groups and lists which permissions are assigned to which User Groups.

Questions about User Groups and their associated permissions can be directed to Jeff Ubois ( or Jim McGowan (

User Groups: Torque Admin LfC Staff Decision Maker - Select* Decision Maker - Full Interested Donor Research Partner Torque Basic
Description: Application Administrators Lever for Change Staff and Data Fellows Board Members, Donors and Selection Committee Members (View is limited to a specific subset of proposals) Relevant Donor Advisors, Selection Support Team, Contracted TA Advisors and Decision Makers that require access to all proposals Any interested Third Party Donor (with an NDA) who wants to explore proposal options but is not part of a competition or selection team Any interested Third Party (Academic Institution, Infomediary, etc.) partnering with Lever for the Change for the purpose of data sharing and research All others including MacArthur Foundation Staff and Partners without an NDA
Application visibility All All Limited All All All All
Access application data
Access peer-to-peer review comments/scores
Access judge review comments/scores
Access Stage 1 application analysis
Access aggregated scores**
Access aggregated rankings***
Access confidential attachments Shared on a case-by-case basis with AD/VP approval
Access non-confidential attachments††
Edit proposal data
Admin Torque (edit TorqueConfig pages)
Read team comments
Write team comments
See team comment usernames
See PickSome picks
Add PickSome picks
Admin PickSome picks
Edit/create wiki pages
View logs
Admin MediaWiki (add users, remove users, etc)
Unrestricted MediaWiki UI
Emulate user groups
* Decision Makers - Select are typically limited to viewing a subset of proposals - like Finalist Candidates - for the purpose of award selection.
** Includes: Anonymized Peer-to-Peer and Judge Comments and Scores (Evaluations page)
*** Includes: Applicant Ranking
Includes: Project Governance, Legal Compliance, Organization Financials, Donor References, Financial/Legal Review, Virtual Q&A Recording and Notes, In-Person Site Visit Notes, LFC Analysis (Stage 1 and Stage 2), Audited Financials and 990s.
†† Includes: Narrative, Finalist Q&A Responses, Project Budget, Strategy Documents, Evaluation & Learning, Stakeholder Engagement, Bibliography, (Anonymized) Tech Review, DEI and Accessibility.